A Mighty Fortress

"hide and seek..."

Borvendég Anna, Heilig Borbála
Szabó Levente DLA
TDK II. díj
The former evangelical church known from its modernist bauxite concrete tower on Vajda Péter Street could not infuse its religious aims since the late ’60s, even though there were different attempts to rehabilitate it. However, the main issue was that the community that could use it gradually went missing as the years passed by. In our experience the determinig community present today in the area are local children. We had this personal impression and the leading idea that we can only make a worthy rehabilitation of the tower and its surroundings if a present community can use it. This led us to the conclusion: we would like to incorporate a new function in the tower in a way that it can be used by the current community: we give the tower and its surrounding garden to the children. The tower integrated in the space structure we imagined serves as a location, a „background” to creative play, and would construct a special, playful place using architectural tools aimed to be discovered.