Recollective Architecture

Out of the three design and research studios of the Department of Public Building Design, the RECOLLECTIVE ARCHITECTURE STUDIO deals with the architectural stratification and pattern of the past through the concepts of individual, collective and cultural memory. The temporal dimension of architecture is a key aspect of community architecture, also due to the formation of the memory and identity of the narrower or wider community. Not only the contemporary approaches of the built heritage, the spatial-temporal stratification of monuments or buildings and public spaces belong to the focus of this studio, but also the close connection of architectural conceptualization with the process of remembrance - always approaching these issues from a creative point of view.

Members of the Studio

Levente Szabó DLA head of department, professor

Péter Kronavetter DLA senior lecturer, deputy head of department

Miklós Ágoston Vannay DLA senior lecturer

Péter Krompáczki doctoral student

Áron Laczka doctoral student

Csaba Lázár doctoral student