Sustainable Communities

Out of the three design and research studios of the Department of Public Building Design, the SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES STUDIO deals with sustainable models that best meet the needs of a wide variety of communities, both in terms of the possible role of the architect and the specific architectural solutions. It is our responsibility to create such community projects, which help the social presence and sustainability of various disadvantaged communities – or organized on a segregated civil basis and to research, educate their design and architectural specialties as well. The socially sensitive solidarity approach is perfectly characterized by the fact that planning starts from community dialogue, and follows the community life closely. In this type of architecture, it is very important to assess the needs of the community, to get acquainted with them, like to show a proactive attitude of the architect-as well.

Members of the Studio

Katalin Fazekas DLA senior lecturer

Péter Fejérdy DLA associate professor

Balázs Kemes DLA senior lecturer

György Major DLA associate professor

Zsófia Dombrovszky doctoral student

Nóra Kőhalmy doctoral student

Balázs Rose doctoral student

Márk Váncza doctoral student