Eötvös út 48.

Commemorative anthology

Dorka Jelinek, Barnabás Karakas, Dávid Márkus
Péter Kronavetter DLA
1. díj, Középülettervezési Tanszék Különdíj, Rektori Különdíj, Nemzetközi Tudományos Konferencia Különdíj
The theme of Péter Nádas' novella Helyszínelés is the villa located at 48. Eötvös út near Normafa. The narrator of the short story visits the unknown villa at the invitation of an acquaintance, where he recalls the memoirs of Béla Szász, who was detained as one of the accused in the Rajk trial, on the basis of which he identifies and maps the location. It is very inspiring how Nádas recalls the spaces based on memories and compares them with the reality presented to him. Our goal is not to adapt the short story to film, rather we wanted to make an attempt to map the subjective space that appears in memories, to visually grasp it, and to show how the characteristic features of spaces represent a reference point for human memory. We intend our animation to be a visual companion to the short story, with which we further examine the stories from the point of view of spatial perception. We use models to analyze and present the spaces based on the memories associated with them.