Movie in four acts

Judit Baranyi, Bence Temesvári
Péter Fejérdy
II. díj
From moment to moment we are trying to understand and discover the world surrounding us. The unknown and incomprehensible space appears in front of its observer as an empty canvas. Just like armies of shadows that fight with each other on this canvas and create new and new compositions, our own reality is being produced as a distorted fracture of the space. The focus of our work is on the procedure of how the subjective world is created and we are examining the relationship between space and place. Apart from defining notions and dividing creation into parts, we are trying to highlight the abstract connections which we can feel but we are not able to name. Instead of a direct communication we would like to create something that can appear as an empty canvas from the space, allowing you to experience the procedure of painting with free association.