Socialist modern architecture through the work of Mária Józsa

the Adyváros City Center building complex

Blanka Gill
Péter Kronavetter
II. helyezés
In the years 1960-80 of Hungarian architecture, an architectural heritage was created that is often mistakenly not considered as real value. In my dissertation, I deal with works built during the period of socialism, focusing on the city of Győr. The City Center, built in Adyváros, was one of the defining places of my childhood, and I visited the children's library many times. I believe that the complex also plays an important role in the socialist modern architecture of Győr, and the thought behind the creation, the architect’s character, began to occupy my thoughts. In the first part of my study, I will examine the work of Mária Józsa, unraveling the underlying content. Next, I will analyze the Adyváros City Center building in its past and present context. In addition, I will explore future strategies and revitalization opportunities for the ensemble. My goal is to show the value of the City Center and to demonstrate possible methods of present utilization to save them.