Lili Szaszák, Eszter Crisan
Zsolt Frikker
TDK I. helyezés
Fold the tissue instead of crumpling it. Always match the glass to the table. Hate our kindergarten sign because it's yellow. The stereotype divides our society into "autistic" and "normal" people. But surely that's the case? If you personalise any of the above examples a little, you'll find that everyone is on the spectrum. The girls, who are in hiding, focus on human behaviour, the boys on deciphering systems, a dichotomy that has also been an inspiration to us. The aura of the flour silo in Lágymányos suggests: the emphasis here is on exploring spaces, on turning inwards. By exploiting vertical spaces, a medium is created in which we are influenced, and these trigger elementary manifestations, thus bringing out the little 'autistic' in us. The main aim of placing on the spectrum is discovery based on getting to know each other, it all starts with a blank slate and we choose what we want to do and experience, and leaving the rest to the building.