Rehabilitation of an abandoned church bell tower

Julia Cserhalmi, Réka Nándori
Peter Kronavetter DLA
TDK I. díj
Due to the disbanding of the evangelical community of the area in the 8th district of Budapest, the Vajda Péter Street church underwent several changes of function, and its bell was moved. The modernist tower, built in the 1930s, is made of bauxite concrete and was declared a technological monument. The site is wedged between a primary school and a kindergarten. The section of street between the fences of the two institutions was turned into a playground in 2019, and our plan aims to dissolve these boundaries and engage the two age groups together. We have created a courtyard with boundaries that can be dissolved on four sides at different times. The square is open only to children during the day and accessible to all in the evening when schools close. The three corners of the park are each marked by a creative house, and the fourth corner is the renovated tower, which will have a new bell to signal the start of creative activities.