Ceramics workshop

Várhidy Kinga
Szabó Levente DLA
Comprehensive Design Studio 1
The design area is located in the heart of Bakonybél, in a secluded part of the medieval Benedictine Saint Maurice Monastery grounds. The site is bordered by the Gerence stream, the arboretum, and Petőfi Street. The main motif of the design concept is the old stone wall, sometimes a retaining wall, found in and around the monastery, along which the functions are arranged. The intervention consists of two building sections and an arcade connecting them. The existing, but dilapidated building in the monastery's inner core will be transformed into a new chapel and pastoral care unit for monks and pilgrims. Along the existing stone walls, a covered-open arcade made of reinforced concrete will be created. This system incorporates a ceramic workshop building with a different design, featuring small brick masonry and arched vaults, directly connected to both the street and the inner garden. This space will house a ceramics workshop and exhibition area open to visitors of the monastery.