Children's Experiential Therapy Center

Regina Laura Lantos
Balázs Kemes DLA
Diploma Design Studio
In our fast-paced world, children's mental health is deteriorating dramatically. Attention deficit, ADHD, SNI, anxiety have become common. The setting for my project is the Arany János Sashegyi Primary School and High School, built in 1929 by the Abbey of Notre Dame de Sion, with its natural surroundings. The former rectory building on the site is the main building of the planned centre. The residential nature of the rectory means that it lacks a large enclosed space, but a group room of about 70 m2 is needed for experiential therapy. The building will be extended only by this group space, the shape and size of which will be determined by the diversity of the garden types built. On the upper floor of the villa are the quiet individual therapy rooms. The massing of the extension is a reference to the villa building: the new mass is created by extending the plinth zone; the asymmetrical 'dome' with its contoured roof structure and roof lighting provides security for the occupants.