Family incubator house

Polyák Júlia
Pásztor Ádám
Public Building Design 2
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The design was inspired by the dualities inherent in different qualities. The busy, exposed corner position of the chosen plot contrasts with the coziness typical of the place, which is evoked by the fine envelope outlined by the trees lining the border, and the presence of the Rákos stream flowing through the plot. This is matched by the dual-nature arising from the function, which refers to the operation and behaviour of the house. I beared the individual and collective satisfaction of the needs of adults and their children in mind: by designing calm yet dynamic spaces necessary for a workplace, and safe enough spaces for the children's base, but still not completely cut off from the everyday life of the city. The structure of the floor plan is eased by the light curves of the roof; the form opens and closes, creating an intimate, self-contained inner courtyard and an outer space in front of the building that acts as a public square, welcoming visitors.