Gödöllő - Contemporary art gallery

Tóth Tamara
Kemes Balázs
Public Building Design 2
The laws of nature are the laws of art. The seed takes root, begins to grow, bears fruit and seeds for a new beginning. The thought also takes root. It gets shape and mass and provides inspiration for a new creation. This is the basic concept of my gallery. Entering the garden, you can choose between two paths. The purpose of the first path is cognition. A series of works of art within the building in rotation, rise and fall. The scene of sight. The other path is unknown. The purpose is to get to know ourselves. The analysis ends, the unknown is revealed. The scene of senses. Breeze, rustling, fragrant plants. The middle of a green sea, where the world becomes quite enough for the soul to speak. The scene of free creation. The plant grows, a seed is born from it and takes root again. Where one work is finished, another begins. Rise and fall. Constant change. Motion. Circulation.