Kindergarten, Budafok

Pálma Mikecz
Tijana Dimitrijevic, Melinda Borsos
Public Building Design 2

On my location, next to an intersection, in the suburbs of Budafok, I wanted to create a kindergarten that offers privacy for the little ones while still feeling open and connected. To achieve this, I designed the garden to face the quieter street and surrounded it with a perforated brick wall. On the ground floor, facing the busier street, I used the same perforated brick in front of the windows, allowing enough light to enter the corridor from the upper windows. The group rooms, connected to the garden, open from this corridor. The office and staff functions are on the first floor. In the back part of the building, there's a gym, salt room, kitchen and its service area, while the roof is a part of the garden with a shading structure and kitchen garden.