Kőszeg - Limitless renewal

Hosszú Karina
Fejérdy Péter DLA
Comprehensive Design Studio 2
The former border crossing in Kőszeg had a distinctive appearance and, in my opinion, possessed a valuable building. It was a crucial aspect of my plan to preserve this building by transforming it into a bicycle and tourist center, giving it a new purpose. A ground-floor structure, partly made from existing elements, connects to the bivouac accommodations here, serving as service functions. In designing the new structures, I aimed to use as much natural and recycled materials as possible. The walls were constructed using rammed earth technology, incorporating on-site construction debris, crushed asphalt, and concrete as additives. The structure, made of steel pipe frames with climbing plants, provides shaded, covered-open areas from spring to the end of autumn, thus expanding the usable space for the period when the highest number of visitors is expected.