LHHH - Gliding Center, Hármashatár-hegy

Kosztya Csilla
Szabó Levente DLA
Diploma Design Studio
The closure of the airfield of Hármashatár hill was not only a concern for me as a student pilot and a local citizen, but also as an architecture student. The site is not only significant for its rich history in the life of Hungarian gliding: its location is perhaps the closest the public can get to this closed world. Because of these two qualities, I imagined buildings that would commemorate the local history of aviation and also provide for the education of flying. The two new buildings I have designed will complement the brick hangars. The clubhouse will be built next to the east hangar, which is still in use today, partly from bricks from the demolished buildings and partly of lightweight construction, while the museum will be housed inside the ruined west hangar as wooden furniture. The two buildings will serve as a link between the airport and its public spaces. The clubhouse will open onto the hangar and airport and close onto the forest.