Library for children in the garden

Ágota Gunther
Péter Kronavetter
Diploma Design Studio
The ELTE Füvészkert is a hidden treasure of the 8th district in Budapest between the huge, luxurious real estate investments and crumbling buildings. The temporal and spatial layering accumulated over the centuries in the garden requires a certain degree of cleaning and intervention. In my diploma project, I make a proposal for the renewal of the garden. I place a library for children and a greenhouse in the abandoned northern tip of the garden, by which I would like to encourage visitors to use the garden, promote the integration of disadvantaged children, and nurture the children's relationship with plants. At the corner of Tömő ÉS Illés Street, with the diagonal position of the tower-like library and greenhouse creates a public garden and a garden within the garden. The gardens and the buildings are also bounded by a brick wall. The three levels of the library and the roof of the greenhouse sit on top of the connecting brick wall as a separate wooden structure.