Life among the Ruins

Revitalization of the Kőkút Pálos Monastery Ruins and Surroundings

Dóra Tihanyi
Péter Kronavetter
Diploma Design Studio
For my thesis, I have chosen the Kőkút Pálos Monastery ruins as the location. In today's chaotic world, I believe it is necessary to break away from it at certain intervals. The ruins and what they convey urge us to find silence. Their timelessness captured my attention and made me contemplate how to return to these foundations in the turbulent world of the 21st century, and how this mindset can manifest in today's world. My plan proposes emphasizing the significance of the location, elevating it to an appropriate level, and suggesting the unfolding of its usage. The aim of the plan is to awaken thoughts and restore the use of the buildings next to the ruins, dignifying their purpose. I aimed to achieve this transformation while preserving everything and making it more usable.