Literary cafe


Dóra Zsófia Tóth
Péter Kronavetter DLA
Specialization Design Course
The opening created in front of the bastion of Szabók in Cluj, bordered by a literary cafe, complements the pulsation of the public square starting from the main square, responding to the undefined closure of Mihail Kogălniceanu Street. The building, like a filter, separates the quiet inner courtyard and the ruined garden of the reformed church from the Mátyás era from the bustle of the public square. A temporary exhibition space and a Hungarian literature bookstore are connected to the cafe located in the single-story part of the building that forms the border, and the higher floors of the tower are home to more private creative and reading rooms for students from Mihail Kogălniceanu Street. The use of raw, plastered, brick materials appearing on the facade surfaces derives from the historical architecture, but the hard material is solved in the interior by "soft" wooden lining.