Mighty Fortress - Early Intervention Centre for Autistic Children

Lutheran church tower, Vajda Péter Street, Budapest

Eszter Vörös-Grigroiu
Levente Szabó DLA
Diploma Design Studio
The location of my diploma project is the site of a lonely Lutheran church tower in Vajda Péter Street in Tisztviselőtelep, in the VIII. district, Budapest. The tower is in an undeservedly ruined state, awaiting its further fate. With the choice of function, I wanted to connect with neighboring educational institutions (Péter Vajda Primary School, Katica Nursery School in Józsefváros), an Early Intervention Centre for Autistic Children that would prepare children with autism for kindergarten and elementary school integration. During the design of the building, I was looking for the answer to what kind of architecture is made for children other than neurotypic, what are the special needs expressed in architecture that may be ideal for autistic people. The new function of the church tower is to connect with the new building: the tower would tell outsiders about the sensory sensitivity of people with autism.