On the edge of reality

Coworking space offering childcare

Rebeka Horváth
Máté Szabó
Public Building Design 2
Rough. Smooth. Heavy. Light. Movement. Peace. Past. Present. Daydream. Reality. These impressions were the core of my vision about a coworking space offering childcare. In the heart of Gödöllő, where the urban whirl flows into infinity, there is an island surrounded by rich vegetation. On this not-so-ordinary plot of land, I dreamed of a public building in which parents working in the office can enjoy a peaceful environment while not having to worry about their children. On the border of the artificial concrete jungle and the busy roads, I would like to create three concrete cubes connected by a row of arcades, which contain the main functions of my building: the children's area, the place for the office workers and the block for all to spend time together. However, the house is not only for the parents and their children: citizens can enter to forget the harsh reality of everyday life.