Pocket workshop

Klaudia Kamasz
Péter Kronavetter DLA
Specialization Design Course
The pocket workshop is a combination of communal, exhibition and creative spaces which gives a break from the bustling everyday city life and allows visitors to explore every step of the creative process. The site is in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, wedged between the historical marketplace and Somes river. The building block on the waterfront shows two different faces to the inner city and the river: towards the street it comforms to historicist rules, towards the Somes river it’s rather playful and irregular. There’s a valuable and partly renovated building on the project’s site. The new building connects to the old one without breaking the closed street facade, but keeps a respectful distance from its main wing, forming an inner courtyard. The function reveals itself gradually for the visitors: first they pass through the café, which acts as the building’s buffer zone, then they can approach the gallery and the periodically open workshops.