pre / MANÍR

Szaszák Lili, Bors Luca
Krompáczki Péter
Department's Design 1.
DECODE építészeti fődíj 2022
On entering, a world quite different from the atmosphere and the dominating hypocrisy of the city of Eger is revealed to the viewer. A "hideaway" where the curious may find themselves confronted with a surprisingly vibrant life. The building is vertically structured, with the ground-floor pub and community space as the scene of activities to meet one's material needs. Ascending the staircase, as a filter, one arrives in the quiet world of the upstairs studios. The atmosphere here is in stark contrast to the lush life on the ground floor, where one can nourish the spiritual and intellectual world and live out creative desires, without unnecessary constraints or social pressures. We've formed a shell with the enclosed street façade. The indoor world thus functions as a canvas, a space for honest creativity. Here, the walls can be painted... because it's the people who use them that make them special.