Revitalisation of Palkonya's cellar lane

László Rátgéber
Péter Kronavetter DLA
Diploma Design Studio
The plan's located in Palkonya, a small village in the Villány wine-region. The once flourishing wine village is in deteriorating conditions, time has left its mark on the 52 cellars standing under cultural heritage preservation. Back in the days the village was the place for wine making, bustling and noisiness, however, the streets of the cellar lanes are mostly quiet today. The plan consists of three interventions. These deal with the cellar lane in three different ways: refurbishing the ruiny buildings, reusing the empty places, and rethinking the spaces inside the cellar lane. These interventions intend to represent themselves in an environmentally fitting, low key, but contemporary way. The project's goal is to develop the local village-turism, and on the other hand to draw attention towards the cultural and traditional values of the wine cellars. These suggestions will not solve Palkonya's problems alone, I would rather look at them as the first steps of a long healing process.