The Champagne House of Budafok

Mária Krisztina Varga
Zsolt Zsuffa
Public Building Design 2
Budafok is the home of many big champagne producing families, but to this day the city does not have a representative space dedicated to the drink. The Champagne House of Budafok seeks to fix this shortcoming. The building creates space to champagne tasting events led by the makers themselves, at summer nights it’s perfect to let loose a bit and with its wide rooms it is perfect for bigger events, too. The building has many openings. It was created this way as to lean into the cityscape created by the many small and tangled streets. The front entrance is protected by a champagne store and a respository from the sides. Then an inner garden follows. After that the visitor steps into the main tasting room. The upper floor has a gallery which continues outside creating a pleasant place framed with an arbor.