Transit House

Community Center

Ágnes Tóth
Gábor Zombor
Specialization Design Course
The former synagogue in Kolozsvár had lost its believers and therefore its sacred function because of the horrors of the 20th cent. The building on the banks of Szamos has been operating as a cultural center since the 2000s. Beyond general events, youth camps, workshops, and even weddings are held on site. One of my main ideas was to compartmentalize the different functions in the planning area: next to the main building that serves as an event space, I designed two workshop buildings and a community center. During the design of installation, I strove to create semi-private, protected spaces that are suitable for organizing various programs, but do not block the former synagogue from visitors with their mass. The essential element of the community center is the kitchen, which would primarily promote the relationship between locals and visitors. All three buildings are longitudinal masses with semi-saddled roofs which are boldly placed in a dependent relationship with the main building.