University Library Gödöllő

Komáromy Ábel
Frikker Zsolt
Public Building Design 2
Next to the building of the University of Agricultural Sciences in Gödöllő, a car park now stands on the site of a once important public square. This square would be the site of a separate library building for the university. The concept draws inspiration in many areas from its surroundings and from the university's landmark building. Access from the university is via a small public square, which sets the library back from the street frontage. The building can be divided into two parts; a two-storey mass with large contiguous spaces that accommodate all functions, and a reading courtyard that merges with the adjacent green space and the public square in front of it. The courtyard is bounded by a canopy whose supporting pillars take up the organic pattern of the surrounding trees. Transparency is a key element of the building. The main reading room is located on the first floor and functions as a large continuous space, broken up only by shelves and a glass wall in the study rooms.