Youth Center, Budafok

Petra Tarjányi
Marcell Balázs
Public Building Design 2
The volume of the youth center I designed was influenced by several factors: the topography, sunlight exposure, and integration into the urban fabric. Additionally, it was important to create as much green space around the building as possible. Walking through the streets of Budafok, I was captivated by the complexity and layering of the area. I wanted this complexity to be reflected in the building I designed. To ensure that the building, which requires a large mass, could fit into the urban fabric, it was divided into three units based on the main functions: daytime community space, event hall, and study and private rooms. These are connected by indoor and outdoor corridors on multiple levels, occasionally punctuated with rooftop terraces. Thus, the main community functions, outdoor spaces, and corridors alternate in a woven pattern. This creates a maze-like, protected inner world for the youth.