Design Methodology


Design Methodology deals with theoretical and practical methodology of architectural design flow. The point of theoretical Design Methodology is the design itself as a process that can be modeled. The process of architectural design thus can be compared to an informatics system, so for making the method more clear. Practical Design Meth- odology is closely connected to the Public Building Design 2 process itself, extending it with special design factors and details. Through analyzing existing buildings and fictional situations interesting practical problems and solutions can be discussed. With the help of invited practicing architects, special methods of new facilities and building- reconstructions are presented, along with the design of technologically or structurally determined buildings. Because of its importance, sustainability, free access and ecological design will be touched along whole study.

Responsible for the subject

Balázs Mihály DLA

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term mark

Subject description

The lecture series consists of two parts. The key words of the first six thematic lectures are: searching for a place, contemplation, asking questions, getting to know each other, finding a solution. In addition to the theoretical approach, contemporary architecture, including various trends from high-tech architecture to solidary architecture, appears with a rich visual material. The final lecture of the first part examines the possibilities of architectural communication, the connections between drawing and design. The second part provides an insight into the world of personal design methods through lectures by invited architects.