Public Building Design 2

Középülettervezés 2

Target of the exercise, how to realize the general archi- tectural design of a public building without loss of focus regarding the types collective characteristic. What does the studio hope to achieve? The architectural design of a smaller public building, with assistance from architect consultants. The student should learn the process from within regarding the architectural design process and the unusual stress placed upon development of space / manipulation of form whilst considering their approach to solving real environmental problems.

Responsible for the subject

Bartha András Márk DLA

Credit point value

Középülettervezés 2

Subject description

Communication of this architectural design is the key to making a successful presentation and your ideas should encompass dialogue with client (class tutors), relationship to the surrounding environment both built and natural, un- derstanding of trends, financial awareness and understanding of intellectual property. It is expected that this work will involve a deeper research into project types and location - site visits, photographs, topographical mapping and land use mapping.