Reformer Wineries

in Hungary

Tóth Péter DLA

Sugár Péter DLA

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This writing tries to show a particularly successful, acknowledged and value-creating part of the Hungarian contemporary architecture in a more comprehensive way. A new house-type has settled with the new wineries over the past 25 years in Hungary. The outstanding local works are internationally recognized as well. The architectural answers show extraordinary richness to an almost similar functional demand. This high diversity is the specificity of this section of our architecture.

The houses look very different at first, however they don’t wipe-out each other. They rather seem to be linked together. This approach is reflected in the thesis outline. The main principle was to reveal the network of our winery architecture, instead of cutting them into isolated groups.

An architecture which is naturally related to life. This is the common ground of the choosen examples, which results quality at each. This architectural mentality can be also used by designing other type of houses during and after the university studies. The wineries raised their marketing role significantly. Architecture won a new door to contact a much larger audience.