Balázs Mihály DLA



Balázs Mihály DLA


Innovative Public Spaces

architectural design of cultural buildings, design education


1984–1986 8th cycle of the Master School of the Hungarian Association of Architects

1975–1980 BME Faculty of Architecture

1970–1974 Hild József Vocational School of Architecture, Győr

1962–1968 Primary School, Hernád


1992- Török and Balázs Architectural Studio, since 2011 Balázs Mihály Architectural Studio

1986- BME Department of Public Building Design

1980–86 Public Building Design Company

Education, academic degrees

2014 Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg

2012 University professor

2012 Full Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

2011 Dr. habil. in architecture

1997 DLA (Doctoris Liberalis Artium)

Language skills

Basic English

Awards, recognitions

2022 Jože Plečnik Central European Architecture Award

2020 Kotsis Iván Medal

2010 Príma Primissima Award

2009 Kossuth Prize

1999 AR+D Awards for Emerging Architecture

1995 Ybl Miklós Award for his work as an architect and teacher

Scientific / artistic, professional public, educational activities

2020- Member of MMA Education, Training and Scientific Committee

2016- Member of BME Faculty of Arts and Sciences Committee

2015–2021 Member of BME Scientific Council

2015- Member of BME University Habilitation Committee and Doctoral Council (EHBDT)

2015- Chair of the BME Habilitation Committee and Doctoral Council for Architecture and Design (HBDT)

2015- Head of the BME Doctoral School of Architecture

2013- Full external member of the MOME Doctoral Council

2013–2015 Member of BME Habilitation Committee and Doctoral Council (HBDT)

2008–2013 Member of the Doctoral Council of the BME School of Architecture

2001–2008 Member of the Master Board of the BME Doctoral School of Architecture

2015 Member of the jury of the Budapest Architecture Award

2012- Member of Hegyvidéki Design Council

2012–2014 Member of the Central Architectural Design Council

2011–2012 Member of the National Architecture Award Committee

2008–2010 Member of Ybl Prize Committee

2007–2010 Member of the Central Architectural Design Council

2007–Curator of the BME Hauszmann Prize

2004–2008 Vice-President of the Budapest Chamber of Architects

2002–2005 Member of the Hungarian Design Council

2002–2011 Member of the Budapest Design Council

2000–2004 Member of the Presidency of the Budapest Chamber of Architects

2000–2010 Member of the Advisory Board of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office

1997–2000 Member of the Ethics Committee of the Budapest Chamber of Architects

1996- Member of the Budapest Chamber of Architects

1991–2011 Member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists

1987–1988 Head of the Studio of Young Architects in MÉSZ

1980- Member of the Association of Hungarian Architects

10 selected plans or built works
  • 2021 Nyíregyháza, Greek Catholic Museum and Study House (with DMB Studio)

  • 2017 Székesfehérvár, Alba Arena ice hall design (with Tamás tarnóczky)

  • 2011 Roman Catholic Church, Győr, Hungary (with Katalin Somogyi-Soma)

  • 2010 Regional Library and Knowledge Center, Pécs, Hungary (with Tamás Tarnóczky, Balázs Tatár)

  • 2007 Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty Of Information Technology, Budapest, Hungary (with Tamás Tarnóczky, Katalin Somogyi-Soma)

  • 2003 Greek Catholic Theological College, Nyíregyháza, Hungary

  • 2000 Main church of the garrison, Budapest

  • 1999 Greek Catholic church, Fehérgyarmat, Hungary (with Katalin Somogyi-Soma)

  • 1999 MATAV Headquarters, Budapest, Hungary (with Ferenc Török)

  • 1995 Greek Catholic church, Kazincbarcika, Hungary

5 main publications
  • Meanings of Symmetry: The Legibility of Symmetry ff Historic School Buildings- Somogyi, Krisztina ; Balázs, Mihály ; Dúll, Andrea - SYMMETRY: CULTURE AND SCIENCE 30 : 1 pp. 59-90. , 32 p. (2019)

  • Architecture V4 1990-2008. Praha, 2009 140-141. - Jan Stampel

  • MATÁV Headquaters - The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture 2004. 602.

  • MATÁV Headquaters - The Architectural Review 99/12.72-74. - Peter Davei

  • Vatikáni Nunciatúra budapest - Der Architekt 91/12. 600. - Paulhans Peters

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