Szabó Levente DLA

Professor, head of the department


Szabó Levente DLA

Professor, head of the department

Recollective Architecture

architecture and memory


2004–2006 ÉME Master School XVIII. cycle

2001–2004 DLA Master's Degree, Department of Public Building Design

1994–1999 BUTE Faculty of Architecture


2020- head of the department
2019- university professor
2017- associate professor, deputy head of department
2007- senior lecturer
2004- Hetedik Műterem Kft.

Education, academic degrees

2020  member of the Széchenyi Academy of Letters and Arts

2017  habilitation (Dr. Habil)
2008  Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA)

Language skills

Englsih (B2)
Italian (A2)

Awards, recognitions

2022 Teacher of the Year

2021 Prima Award

2019 Regional Prima Award

2019 Budapest Architecture Award

2019 ICOMOS Award

2019 Construction Industry Level Award

2019 Pro Progressio Foundation TDK Instructor Scholarship

2018 TDK Commemorative plaque

2018 Public Renovation Level Award

2018 Ybl Miklós Award

2017 Péter Molnár Memorial Award

2017 Hungarian Design Award

2016 Pro Architectura Award

2016 ICOMOS Award

2016 20th Salon of Architecture Novi Sad, The Salon Prize

2016 Beautiful Hungarian Book Award

2015 Piranesi Award Honorable mention

2015 PEACE Level Award (for two works)

2015 Media Architecture Award, special award of the jury

2012 Pro Architectura Újbuda Award

2010 Pro Architectura Award

1999 Association of Hungarian Architects - Diploma Award of the Association of Architectural Sciences


2020–2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023 ÚNKP Bolyai + Scholarship

2020–2023 János Bolyai Research Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2012–2015 János Bolyai Research Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2014 MMA research grant (architecture of Ferenc Bán)

2005 NKA Creative Support (Note “Critical Analysis of Public Buildings”)

Scientific / artistic, professional public, educational activities

2021- Member of the Advisory Board of the ICOMOS MNB Association

2021- Member of the National Architectural Design Council

2020- Member of the Board of the Association of Hungarian Architects From

2018 member of the Habilitation Committee of Architecture and the Doctoral Council and the Council of the Doctoral School

2015–2016 Member of the Sopron MJV Planning Council

2012 Member of the Architectural History, Theory and Monuments Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2011 elected member of the Architectural Science Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2011–2013 Bp., XIII. ker. member of the planning board

2009 member of the diploma committee of the Széchenyi István University of Győr

2008 Curator of the exhibition "Critical Samples - Pécs Architecture 98–08"

2008 member of the Young Researchers' Board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2001 member of the Budapest Chamber of Architects

1999 member of the Association of Hungarian Architects

10 selected plans or built works
  • 2023 Normafa Ski House reconstruction and extension (with Bartha András)

  • 2018 Hungarian National Pavilion of the Leipzig International Book Fair (with Balázs Biri, Ákos Polgárdi)

  • 2017 Public installation on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Kálvin Square (with Ákos Polgárdi)

  • 2016–2017 Budapest, Klauzál utca 8., reconstruction and office building (with András Bartha, Katalin Alkér, under construction)

  • 2014–2017 Budavár, Úri utca, reconstruction of the old Town Hall building, Budapest, Úri u.

  • 2009–2015 Sopron, revitalization of the Castle District, Phase I (with Borbála Gyüre, Csontos Csenge and Gergely Lád)

  • 2014 ELTE BTK II. World War II Memorial, Budapest, Trefort Garden, Hungary, (with János Roth, Ildiko Bujdosó, Dénes Fajcsák, Eszter Lukács, Nóra Szigeti, Albert Farkas, Ákos Polgárdi)

  • 2009–2014 Revitalization of the Zsigmond Móricz roundabout protected mushroom building (with Zsolt Gyüre)

  • 2009–2012 BME Sports Center, Bp., XI. Bertalan Lajos u. 19.

  • 2005–2009 Budapest, Népliget Center office building (with Richárd Hőnich, Ferenc Cságoly, Bálint Marosi, Ágota Józsa, Rita Terbe)

5 main publications
  • Levente Szabó: Modernism and Changing Historical Context. Case Study of the Former Electric Power Distributor Station of the Hungarian Electrical Grid, in sITA volume 7 (2019), pp. 189-204.

  • Levente Szabó, The Memory of an Urban Public Square – A Research Based on Renewal of the Hungarian Sopron’s Historic City Center, in: Landscape Architecture, 2018/04, pp 12.-24 .

  • Szabó Levente: New Period of Memorial Places? The Possibilities of Architectural Thinking that form Individual and Collective Process of Remembrance, in: International Journal of Contemporary Architecture ”The New ARCH“ Vol. 3, No. 3 (2016), p. 17–25.

  • Szabó Levente: Bán Ferenc építészete / The architecture of Ferenc Bán, Budapest: TERC Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft., 2015.

  • Szabó Levente: Narration, abstraction, context: Contributions to the interpretation of the contemporary public buildings in Hungary. in: ARCHITEKTURA AND URBANIZMUS 2014:(1–2.) pp. 90–105. (2014)

Complete list of publications

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