Major György DLA

associate professor


Major György DLA

associate professor

Sustainable Communities

changes in traditional communities and their architecture 


1988–1990 Masterschool of Associacion of Hungarian Architecs /AHA/cycle 10 

1980–1985 BME Faculty of Architecture, 

1974–1978 Piarista Secondary School, Budapest 

1966–1974  Köbölkút Street Primary School, Budapest 


1997- Teamajor Architectural Engineering Ltd. /co-owner/ 

1997- BME, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Public Building Design 

1987-1997 Iparterv Corporation, Industrial Building Design Company 

1985-1987 KÖZTI Architectural Office  

1978-1980 KÖZTI Architectural Office 

own office:

1997- Teamajor Architectural Engineering Ltd. /co-owner/ 

1994-1997 porta Bt / general partner/ 

Education, academic degrees

2004 DLA /Doctoris Liberalis Artium/ 

1985 Qualified architect, BME Faculty of Architecture, Department of Public Building Design 

Language skills

German – maturity exam

Awards, recognitions

2005 Pro Architectura Prize 

1999 Ybl Miklós Prize for architectural creative work 

1997 Pro Architectura Prize, collaboration with Péter Mátrai and Imre Batta 

1985 ÉTE-MÉSZ diploma award 

Scientific / artistic, professional public, educational activities

2019- member of the Biatorbágy Plan Council 

2017- member of the Hungarian Architects Chamber of Ethics and Discipline 

2013- public board member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts 

2012–2016 board member of the Pest County Chamber of Architects 

2012–2016 member of the Pest County Plan Council 

2009- member of the Budapest XXII. district Plan Council 

2007–2016 member of the Érd MJV Plan Council 

2005–2009 member of the Budaörs Plan Council 

1999–2017 local and nationwide delegate of the Pest County Chamber of Architects  

1997- member of the Budapest Chamber of Architects 

1985–1997 member of the Hungarian Architects Association 

2019- Complex Design organizer 

2007- Interior architecture course leader 

2007–2020 Contemporary architect studios 2. course leader 

2005–2007 supervisor professional engineering course BME Department of Public Building Design 

2004- DLA supervisor BME Doctoral School of Architecture 

2002–2006 Department's Design 2. course leader  

2002–2004 DLA supervisor Hungarian University of Applied Arts 

1997- full-time lecturer BME Department of Public Building Design, Complex and Diploma Design consultant 

1996–1997 invited lecturer BME Department of Public Building Design, Complex Design consultant 

10 selected plans or built works
  • 2021 Tárnok, renovation of the façade of The Queen of the Rosary Church 

  • 2017 Budapest,Rákoskert, Pope Saint John XXIII Chapel  

  • 2016  Érd, Batthyány Sport School, Primary School reconstruction, expansion, authorization Plan /with Tamás Karácsony/ 

  • 2013  Keszthely, the new entrance of the Premonstratensian monastery 

  • 2012 Balatonfüred, multifunctional building with 25 flats 

  • 2008 Nyíregyháza, renovation of the Ungvár promenade /with Ernő Kálmán/ 

  • 2004 Budapest, renewal and enlargement of the Central House of the Society of Jesus' Heart 

  • 2002 Debrecen, University of Debrecen Education Center for Social and Health Sciences /with Ernő Kálmán/ 

  • 2002 Gödöllő, City Library and Information Center /with Ernő Kálmán/ 

  • 2000 Délegyháza, Roman Catholic Church  

  • 1996 Kecskemét, Katona József County Library /with Péter Mátrai/ 

5 main publications
  • 2018 What is contemporary architecture about? Magyar Építőművészet 2018/6. 

  • 2018 Architectural history sketch of István Szabó's church in Érdliget Magyar Építőművészet 2018/6 

  • 2018 Monolith on Váci Way, reflections on the renovation of the Church of St. Martin of Tours, Visafogó, Hungary Metszet 2018/3 

  • 2004 Cultural buildings 2/Libraries, Public buildings, 178-223, 2004 TERC. editor: Ferenc Cságoly 

  • 1994 In the middle of the circle /"editorial" and footnotes to the exhibition of architect Ferenc Török/ Magyar Építőművészet 1994/3-4 

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